A wood full of wonder

I had a plan for Tuesday morning. Not a grand plan, it has to be said. In fact, my ‘plan’ for the morning was nothing short of dull and uninspiring. I was going to do some housework; dusting, to be precise! That really wasn’t much of a plan, was it? I wasn’t feeling thrilled at the prospect (understandably, unless you’re into dusting)…so imagine my joy when my friend, Sue, texted and suggested a walk (seeing as the sun was shining). Wow! Let me tell you, I didn’t need asking twice! Not simply because it was an excuse to ditch the housework but because it had been far too long since I’d spent some quality time with my buddy.

Several texts later we had decided that a walk in the woods was needed…and, oh, what a good choice that was! As I hope you’ll see from the pics below, the woods were full of magic and wonder…and we returned to the car muddier than when we’d left it but nurtured and healed by the beauty that had surrounded us, seeped into our bones and lifted our spirits. The wind in the trees, the birdsong, and the abundance of ferns (some 6 feet high in places!) all added magic to our walk…so, to the beings of nature that blessed us that morning, we thank you ♡


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