A big hello and welcome to all who have stumbled across this blog. Do take a moment to read on a little…

I shall begin with something of a confession…

If I’m to be perfectly honest here, I’m not entirely sure where this blog is headed…if anywhere! I don’t have a plan, a script, or any kind of route mapped out in my head. All I do have is the knowledge that there is a lot within me that seeks connection, freedom and expression, so, I thought perhaps a blog might be a good place to start; a place to get everything out from within, so to speak. A place to air and share.

And so for a little background info…

Having (consciously) been exploring my spiritual path for the past 15 years or so, I now think I have a pretty good handle on that which makes me tick, along with a good understanding of how I now wish to lead my life. You see, reconnecting to, and honouring, the land, and the spirits of nature, is of great importance to me now, as is reconnecting to, and honouring, my own wild spirit. So, if I can now live in such a way that encompasses these things, maybe, with the help of this blog, I can inspire others to deepen their own connections, and, maybe, just maybe, we can help each other along…with a bit of advice here, a sharing of knowledge and understanding there… Who knows where we’ll end up? 

As I say, reconnection is the key theme here, as well as a lot in the way of appreciating and honouring the beauty that is all around. I’m the kind of gal who gets excited watching the birds on the feeders in our back garden…I ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ at sunrises and sunsets…I converse with trees and standing stones…walk barefoot on the beach so that I can connect fully with the land and the spirit of the ocean. To me, everything is a ‘being’; everything has its own spirit, therefore is there (if willing) to be consciously connected with. The spirits of nature can teach us so much if we approach them with an open heart and ears prepared to listen.

If you think that’s crazy, then feel free to walk on by. If not, by all means stick around to see where this path of reconnection leads…but, for now, I’ll leave you with a favourite photo of mine, which I took at Lydford Gorge, in Devon, last summer (a faery place if ever there was one!)



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